On Tap
Grindstone Gold
Our standard American Light lager brewed with the best German malts to bring out the smoothest malt flavor for this style. 4.1% ABV 11 IBU.
A German Marzen style beer brewed with our own twist. Loads of Pilsner malts accompanied by Vienna and munich malts come together to give you a taste of German flavors that only we can give you.
Hopped like a west coast IPA, but flavored like an east coast IPA. An aggresively hopped beer that constantly changes with the season, yet backed up by a solid malt flavor. 7% ABV 85-90 IBUs
Eirinn Rosanna
A fine offereing of and Irish red ale that is deep aburn hued with a smooth caramel flavor and a malty backdrop to finish it up.
O'Nooley's Irish Stout
Rich in character, full of roasted malts with a hint of chocolate, toffee, coffee and a magnitude of other savory tidbits. Indeen Irish Eyes are smiling.
A Sottish Wee-Heavy ale that is heavy on everything including malt backbone and true Scottish strength weighing in at 7.5%abv.
Evil Entity X
From the depths of space (Pacific Northwest Region) little green monsters make up this India black rye session ale. Dark, Hoppy and mysterious.
An full bodied German bock loaded with traditional German malts to give it a warm toasty finish during the cold season.
Oatis Redding
A smooth, sultry, caramel heavy oatmeal red ale brewed to soothe your devilish soul and spice up your taste buds with love!




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