On Tap
Grindstone Gold
Our standard American Light lager brewed with the best German malts to bring out the smoothest malt flavor for this style. 4.1% ABV 11 IBU.
A German Marzen style beer brewed with our own twist. Loads of Pilsner malts accompanied by Vienna and munich malts come together to give you a taste of German flavors that only we can give you.
Hopped like a west coast IPA, but flavored like an east coast IPA. An aggresively hopped beer that constantly changes with the season, yet backed up by a solid malt flavor. 7% ABV 85-90 IBUs
Angry Gorilla
Our version of a German Hefeweizen brewed to show off its distinct banana and clove characteristics.
Erie Blü
6lbs of raspberries and Marion Blackberries go into every barrel of Erie Blü to give it that beautiful rose hue and fruity beerie kick.
O'Nooley's Irish Stout
A wee bit of this Irish stout will send you straight to the country side of Ireland and have you saying "top-o-the morning" to everyone you meet.
PLeasurable Demise
Our version of a Hazy IPA that has been infused with apricots and hopped to a level that will grab a hold on to you and never let go.
Eirinn Rosanna
This fine offereing of an Irish red ale is as shiney as a penny and has the distinct taste of caramel malts and toasted bread
Patriot Red
An American Red ale that is about as American as Ron Swanson. Cascade hops and caramel malts blend together and have you saying "bully!"




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